About me

A specialist web developer

Hello and welcome to my blog, I am a web developer that specialises in directory style websites and affiliate websites. I was British born but am now based in Spain when my parents moved when they retired and took me with them aged 15.
I love the way of life out here and although I make regular trips back to Britain to see my older sister, brother and extended family my heart and life is here in the Costa Del Sol.
I have been here 6 years now and have a girlfriend, villa and small business that keeps me busy all year round.

My girlfriend is a star

Being a bit nerdy my girlfriend does well to put up with me. I often stay up late when I get engrossed in a technical web build and fair play she really just lets me get on with it.
She works as a hotel manager and so works long and sometimes unsociable hours which suits us as I often like working late and sleeping in too.

Why directories and affiliate websites

I can build any sort of website really but thought as so many were getting involved and new template providers were offering sill cheap websites I would specialise in more complicated we builds. These are often not available as templates and even if they are they are not much competition for a serious business mind.

Both these types of websites need careful consideration and often advice before the build to ensure it is fit for purpose and delivers the results the client is looking for.

I hope you come back and check in and see whets the latest in my world, if you feel passionately about something I cover please feel free to post and I will try to reply. See you all soon.

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