Banks been naughty again with interest rate swap mis selling

bonus for interest rate swap mis selling

You may have heard that yet again those naughty bankers (although I could think of a more appropriate name that rhymes with that) have been at it again with interest rate swap mis selling set to hit the headlines.

We have been approached by a law firm who specialise in fighting these cases and create a database program to manage there sales effort. We don’t normally do this kind of work but it’s great to do something a bit different if not fiercely complicated.

The CRM they want us to build will take a month flat out and we are both going to be working over Christmas to meet the tight deadline we have been given. Most would use an off the shelf CRM sales management system but the client has some specific issues with this route including security and functionality.

Interest rate swap mis selling will be breaking news

We have been approached to build this quickly as this is now starting to hit the headlines and get picked up by the media. The scandal is of epic proportions and now there are test cases that have been won already it looks set to be a big thorn in the side of the big banks.

They have already set aside billions to settle (out of court hopefully) and these cases are dire in some cases with companies literally going out of business due to the advice they were given. Now though these individuals look set to have there own back, with some cases running into millions in compensation for these poorly advised swap schemes.

Interest rate swap mis selling project

We will be creating a fully integrated CMS system with a database in the background that will fully mange all the aspects of dealing with the clients case from initial contact to end result. The project relies on many people accessing the system to add content and show others where the clients case is and what needs to be done and by whom. The system will also keep the client informed as the case progresses with regular email updates.
Certain people will have full access to case files whereas others will only be able to access the areas that they need to or are allowed to be in. Once completed it will be a very comprehensive system with amazing functionality and usability. It will take them from a basic website to a unique online platform fit for the modern law company.
For us it means a hell of a Christmas “break” and a whole heap of complicated work. Once done it will be a great showcase and we may be able to white label the solution for other businesses but that is definitely one for future thoughts. Interest rate swap mis selling may not be the most exciting topic in the world but the project is certainly one of the most interesting we have been asked to work on.

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