Promotion using vehicle wrapping

lorry vehicle wrapping job
A friend of mine is doing a big trade show soon and asked for a hand creating a stand and some promotional materials for the event including vehicle wrapping his smart car. I have not done a vehicle wrapping job before so was a bit nervous as to how it would turn out.

Large format jobs have specific requirements and so when you start to look at a large job like this there is much to consider. Firstly as things are going to be printed large you need to ensure images and any artwork used will not pixelate.

Pixelated vehicle wrapping jobs

Pixelating occurs when the image is to small and you stretch it up to a large size and basically the whole image looks like little squares that make up the picture or a fuzzy edge around letters etc. To prevent this is simple use very high res images only and use vector based components for logos and letters so you won’t get this problem.

A pixelated image of fuzzy edges around a logo will really ruin the job and look completely unprofessional creating a bad not good first impression of your company. Getting images large enough to cope with this scale can be hard an expensive but it is well worth paying a bit extra for the right image as redoing the job will be vastly more expensive than doing it properly in the first place.

You can ask the printers that are doing the job for whats called a wet proof which means they will print some out for you to check the job before they start using the expensive materials used to do the actual vehicle wrapping job.

A vehicle wrapping job is a great advert

When you consider the job is likely to cost a fair amount, my friend was over a thousand euro’s getting it right is vital but worthwhile. A vehicle wrapping job will provide you with an advert driving around the area you do business in every time you are out on the road.

You can park up the vehicle at events or in high traffic areas to promote your business and when you consider a bill board will cost about 300 euro’s for a two week campaign the initial investment in getting a car done is pretty good value for money.

My friends car looked immense and he thinks it definitely contributed to a very successful show for him. He firmly believes it led to more orders which will probably amount to more than the investment in doing it in the first place. He now has this promotional tool for the rest of the time the car is on the road and for the other shows he has planned into his diary.

If you are considering ways to promote a business then do consider vehicle wrapping as it is a great way to get you name out there to a surprisingly large audience.

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