Great weekend

hair ext
Had a cracking weekend with back to back parties and a bit of Christmas shopping. On Friday my girlfriend sprung the first surprise when she came home with the best hair extensions I have seen and she looked a knockout. She did mention growing her hair which I totally approved of but it was taking too long for her so she has had the extensions put in whilst her real hair grows. They look completely natural and I was so proud of her when we went out. The feedback was amazing and we had two great parties to enjoy and then a lazy Sunday out shopping and grabbing a bite to eat.
Work has been crazy busy and so a bit of rest and relaxation was totally overdue. We met up with friends we had not seen in a while and partied until late so I am feeling a bit the worse for ware now. It was definitely worth the effort and pain though as both Friday and Saturday night were epic and we had an absolute blast both nights.
Sunday was nice too as we went to town to see the Christmas lights and did a bit of shopping whilst we were there. I managed to get her to let me know what she wanted to so long with a few surprises she is pretty much done and we also managed a few gifts for Mum and dad too. We are remarkably organised this year and after last years late dash two days before christmas I am really glad about that. It was a complete nightmare and so incredibly busy and stressful as we marched around trying to get something for everyone.
This year will now be a breeze and with a few more parties in the lead up and a couple of weeks off over the break I am really looking forward to the big day.