Just ordered engraved plaques for the new unit opening

engraved plaques done for awards
We have just been ordering engraved plaques for the front of the new unit we are renting to expand our operation. It is the last thing on my to do list before we finally move in after many months of planning and negotiating. Moving into a bigger premises has been on our minds for a while and with the economy picking up but units still in plentiful supply we felt it was almost a case of now or never. With the new unit comes many challenges but we are confident that given the last two years performance it is the right time to expand and grow the business. The units we picked up are out of town but great links to the motorway and as we don’t expect clients to be visiting on a regular basis its the functionality and convenience that we were looking for over sparkle.
Its not a palace but it sis ideal to carry more stock and build on the success we have had to date and ordering engraved plaques for the opening is more to celebrate out efforts than anything else. We are planning a little party for some key clients and friends and family that have supported us over the years. A friend is in a band and they will be creating the atmosphere whilst the speeches are all written and ready to go. All thats left is to move in and get the show on the road.

My friend is doing the engraved plaques for us

I am fortunate to know a few people and one of those we have called in a little favour from is Jack who does all manner of signs including engraved ones. He has organised at cost some cracking signs that will be unveiled in a little ceremony and in a sneak preview they looked awesome. He gets to come to the party and have a few beers on us and that seemed like a fair trade to us.
We have only a week until we get the keys another 2 weeks to fit out and get things perfect for a early November opening. We will be crazy busy over Christmas we always are which will make things even more challenging but with that a whole lot of excitement too as we embark on the next phase of our business.

Its not all about fancy engraved plaques

The reality of the move is we need to create more business if we are going to make this as successful as we hope the fancy engraved plaques on the door are a tiny part of what we are looking to do and the next few months will be a lot of hard work and long hours which is why we decided on a party to celebrate and prepare everyone for the next big push forward. http://www.stonesign.com