Great weekend

hair ext
Had a cracking weekend with back to back parties and a bit of Christmas shopping. On Friday my girlfriend sprung the first surprise when she came home with the best hair extensions I have seen and she looked a knockout. She did mention growing her hair which I totally approved of but it was taking too long for her so she has had the extensions put in whilst her real hair grows. They look completely natural and I was so proud of her when we went out. The feedback was amazing and we had two great parties to enjoy and then a lazy Sunday out shopping and grabbing a bite to eat.
Work has been crazy busy and so a bit of rest and relaxation was totally overdue. We met up with friends we had not seen in a while and partied until late so I am feeling a bit the worse for ware now. It was definitely worth the effort and pain though as both Friday and Saturday night were epic and we had an absolute blast both nights.
Sunday was nice too as we went to town to see the Christmas lights and did a bit of shopping whilst we were there. I managed to get her to let me know what she wanted to so long with a few surprises she is pretty much done and we also managed a few gifts for Mum and dad too. We are remarkably organised this year and after last years late dash two days before christmas I am really glad about that. It was a complete nightmare and so incredibly busy and stressful as we marched around trying to get something for everyone.
This year will now be a breeze and with a few more parties in the lead up and a couple of weeks off over the break I am really looking forward to the big day.

Banks been naughty again with interest rate swap mis selling

bonus for interest rate swap mis selling

You may have heard that yet again those naughty bankers (although I could think of a more appropriate name that rhymes with that) have been at it again with interest rate swap mis selling set to hit the headlines.

We have been approached by a law firm who specialise in fighting these cases and create a database program to manage there sales effort. We don’t normally do this kind of work but it’s great to do something a bit different if not fiercely complicated.

The CRM they want us to build will take a month flat out and we are both going to be working over Christmas to meet the tight deadline we have been given. Most would use an off the shelf CRM sales management system but the client has some specific issues with this route including security and functionality.

Interest rate swap mis selling will be breaking news

We have been approached to build this quickly as this is now starting to hit the headlines and get picked up by the media. The scandal is of epic proportions and now there are test cases that have been won already it looks set to be a big thorn in the side of the big banks.

They have already set aside billions to settle (out of court hopefully) and these cases are dire in some cases with companies literally going out of business due to the advice they were given. Now though these individuals look set to have there own back, with some cases running into millions in compensation for these poorly advised swap schemes.

Interest rate swap mis selling project

We will be creating a fully integrated CMS system with a database in the background that will fully mange all the aspects of dealing with the clients case from initial contact to end result. The project relies on many people accessing the system to add content and show others where the clients case is and what needs to be done and by whom. The system will also keep the client informed as the case progresses with regular email updates.
Certain people will have full access to case files whereas others will only be able to access the areas that they need to or are allowed to be in. Once completed it will be a very comprehensive system with amazing functionality and usability. It will take them from a basic website to a unique online platform fit for the modern law company.
For us it means a hell of a Christmas “break” and a whole heap of complicated work. Once done it will be a great showcase and we may be able to white label the solution for other businesses but that is definitely one for future thoughts. Interest rate swap mis selling may not be the most exciting topic in the world but the project is certainly one of the most interesting we have been asked to work on.

Just ordered engraved plaques for the new unit opening

engraved plaques done for awards
We have just been ordering engraved plaques for the front of the new unit we are renting to expand our operation. It is the last thing on my to do list before we finally move in after many months of planning and negotiating. Moving into a bigger premises has been on our minds for a while and with the economy picking up but units still in plentiful supply we felt it was almost a case of now or never. With the new unit comes many challenges but we are confident that given the last two years performance it is the right time to expand and grow the business. The units we picked up are out of town but great links to the motorway and as we don’t expect clients to be visiting on a regular basis its the functionality and convenience that we were looking for over sparkle.
Its not a palace but it sis ideal to carry more stock and build on the success we have had to date and ordering engraved plaques for the opening is more to celebrate out efforts than anything else. We are planning a little party for some key clients and friends and family that have supported us over the years. A friend is in a band and they will be creating the atmosphere whilst the speeches are all written and ready to go. All thats left is to move in and get the show on the road.

My friend is doing the engraved plaques for us

I am fortunate to know a few people and one of those we have called in a little favour from is Jack who does all manner of signs including engraved ones. He has organised at cost some cracking signs that will be unveiled in a little ceremony and in a sneak preview they looked awesome. He gets to come to the party and have a few beers on us and that seemed like a fair trade to us.
We have only a week until we get the keys another 2 weeks to fit out and get things perfect for a early November opening. We will be crazy busy over Christmas we always are which will make things even more challenging but with that a whole lot of excitement too as we embark on the next phase of our business.

Its not all about fancy engraved plaques

The reality of the move is we need to create more business if we are going to make this as successful as we hope the fancy engraved plaques on the door are a tiny part of what we are looking to do and the next few months will be a lot of hard work and long hours which is why we decided on a party to celebrate and prepare everyone for the next big push forward.

Free sports bet no deposit on the World Cup

free sports bet no deposit on the world cup
If you are a football fan and are excited as me about the World Cup finding free sports bet no deposit offers is very easy at the moment. and I am taking full advantage by logging in and signing up to as many as I possible can so the World Cup is as good as it will get for me.
Having a little something riding on a big game does add another dimension to it and so I am hoping to find a few more deals to ensure in all the group stages I have a team backed and I can sit back and really enjoy the action.
I have three bets on the overall winner too Brazil is my boring one, they have to have a great chance on home soil. Second up is Germany I know its going to be really hot and not suited to any of the Europeans nations but the Germans are always ones for the big tournaments and I think they have a real outside chance.

Last of my free sports bet no deposit predictions

Any bets on my last prediction? I was going to be really boring and go for Argentina but I could not bring myself to place such a boring last bet and so I have gone for Spain, they won’t mind the hot weather and there are not many teams better at holding up the ball and in that heat with that much pressure it will need great passing and holding up of the football.

With my bets placed I can get back to the build up and I cannot wait for the first ball to be kicked. I have taken a fortnight off work and plan some serious football watching for the whole two weeks. If you are as excited as me then I have found a few fantasy world cup football games too and time is running out to get your fantasy team sorted and enjoy the tournament to the max. Me and some of my mates have also all joined up to one fantasy football league so we can all pit out football wits against each other whilst dishing out a load of grief and penalties to the losers of our little tournament.

Now all my free sports bet no deposit are on its just a short wait

Now I have all my bets done I am just sat waiting for the first ball to be kicked and to be honest I am like a big kid just before Christmas. The fact that the World Cup is in Brazil just adds to the magic and I am hoping for bags of flair and a really good World Cup that I hope is not spoilt by any negative stuff that has been brewing through the build up. There is still time for you to log on and find free sports bet no deposit required deals that can be used on all manner of outcomes at the 2014 World Cup.

Listing parking control management companies

Finding parking control management companies
We create online directories for all manner of things but our latest project for parking control management companies is one of the stranger ones we have completed to date. Our clients wanted us to do the work because as you will imaging the world of parking control management has a merky side and these proper companies wanted to distance themselves from bad practices and dodgy dealings.

With so many of these parking control management companies and individuals out there the feeling was that to collaborate on something to position them above the rest was a positive thing to do and we set about taking an full brief at a strange meeting of some of the individuals heading up these different businesses. With a few people involved it is always difficult as many people have different views on many things but part of our job is to understand the differences and come up with a middle ground solution that everyone is happy to go with. The initial brief was fairly easy but there were still a few things to also consider going forward.

Best practice parking control management blog

For this project it was felt that it was important to comment on legislation and good practice in this arena and so we suggested a blog (or news page depending on if you like or dislike the term blog) as a way of keeping visitors up to date with all manner of related topics on parking control management.

The blog would be a collaboration of all the key members of the group each required to post an article a month to ensure it stayed up to date with quality content. Some did not want to take part but other took their spot as they were each allowed to promote their own business as part of the article although not in a silly way just an attribution at the end of the article with a link to their own website.

A positive outcome for parking control management

Parking control management gets enough bad press so this way some good news could be generated and sent out as links to the press and other relevant agencies etc. Everyone was really behind the idea and we had lots of offers for help in the compiling of lists of people to send out this topical information too. The directory itself did cause a few problems as we had to overcome the positioning of the individual businesses in the directory and as everyone wanted to be top the only way we could take it forward was with a bit of code in the directory that altered the positioning randomly so everyone got a fair share of the prime positions.

It was a tough brief but in the end the parking control management directory looks really good and fits the clients brief (the lots of clients briefs) perfectly offering everyone a fair deal to promote the essential and good work they all did for this tough sector.

Ways to get you woodburning stoves shops listed

promoting your woodburning stoves shop online
There are many ways to get you woodburning stoves shop listed for free and paid for listings are also available. From the conventional listing to paid for listings on the likes of Thompson pages you have many ways to promote your woodburning stoves shop online.

Many directory type businesses will sell you positions as they rank well for certain terms and put resources into moving themselves up the search engines so they can charge a premium. The big ones like have you listed for free but if you want the premium positions then you will need to pay for that service.

There are numerous directories and websites out there that will allow you to promote what you sell on their platform some will charge others are more like social networks and do it for free.

Getting social for your woodburning stoves shop

As well as conventional directory websites you can also use social media channels to promote you company and its services. Facebook, Twitter and Linked in are all super easy to set up and if you grow an audience on these platforms the rewards can be big. Paying for promotion on these platforms is also readily available and can yield good results but make sure you refine your parametres to gain the maximum exposure to people that may buy what you sell. On Facebook for example you can narrow down your audience to people that are interested in the stuff you sell or are a particular type of person.

Both these ways ensure you use your budget to maximum effect and ensure minimum wastage but as well as refining the search and campaign geographical area it is also well worth setting limits so you don’t overspend and burn your budget in seconds.

Youtube is also a great business tool and one Google puts a heavy emphasis on and creating your own short videos can reap rewards and traffic to your website. Videos don’t have to be award winning and created by a television crew in fact rustic honest posts are in my opinion far more hard hitting and do better than the polished up corporate stuff you see on the channel.

Ideas to promote your woodburning stoves shop

If you one or all of the above think about the content you are posting little videos on how to light a fire or clean up woodburning stoves will all be useful and can be easily shared providing you with a wider audience.

Helping people save money or get out of a problem will all have a positive effect on how they view and share information about you brand and this can only be good for business. There are a huge range of ways of promoting woodburning stoves out there and they are waiting for you to find them and use them to promote your efforts and stock to a potentially huge number of customers.

Promotion using vehicle wrapping

lorry vehicle wrapping job
A friend of mine is doing a big trade show soon and asked for a hand creating a stand and some promotional materials for the event including vehicle wrapping his smart car. I have not done a vehicle wrapping job before so was a bit nervous as to how it would turn out.

Large format jobs have specific requirements and so when you start to look at a large job like this there is much to consider. Firstly as things are going to be printed large you need to ensure images and any artwork used will not pixelate.

Pixelated vehicle wrapping jobs

Pixelating occurs when the image is to small and you stretch it up to a large size and basically the whole image looks like little squares that make up the picture or a fuzzy edge around letters etc. To prevent this is simple use very high res images only and use vector based components for logos and letters so you won’t get this problem.

A pixelated image of fuzzy edges around a logo will really ruin the job and look completely unprofessional creating a bad not good first impression of your company. Getting images large enough to cope with this scale can be hard an expensive but it is well worth paying a bit extra for the right image as redoing the job will be vastly more expensive than doing it properly in the first place.

You can ask the printers that are doing the job for whats called a wet proof which means they will print some out for you to check the job before they start using the expensive materials used to do the actual vehicle wrapping job.

A vehicle wrapping job is a great advert

When you consider the job is likely to cost a fair amount, my friend was over a thousand euro’s getting it right is vital but worthwhile. A vehicle wrapping job will provide you with an advert driving around the area you do business in every time you are out on the road.

You can park up the vehicle at events or in high traffic areas to promote your business and when you consider a bill board will cost about 300 euro’s for a two week campaign the initial investment in getting a car done is pretty good value for money.

My friends car looked immense and he thinks it definitely contributed to a very successful show for him. He firmly believes it led to more orders which will probably amount to more than the investment in doing it in the first place. He now has this promotional tool for the rest of the time the car is on the road and for the other shows he has planned into his diary.

If you are considering ways to promote a business then do consider vehicle wrapping as it is a great way to get you name out there to a surprisingly large audience.

Using online directories to find free bets online

directories of free bets

When you are online and looking for directories for free bets websites it can be frustrating in finding the right one for you. There are so many different providers from the big bookmakers websites to websites dedicated to having all the best free bets offers from lots of different companies and bookmakers. The directory style websites are known as affiliate websites and there are many to choose from they vary wildly in the quality of the free bets offers and content they provide.
Some of these websites will only have offers from a few different providers due to them only having accounts and links with specific companies and others will have a huge variety of free bet no deposit and deposit required free bets offers. Many of these directory style websites are now offering much more too, from free games to play to tips, odds and guides to playing if you find them they can offer so much added value to your experience.

Finding free bets deals is easy, even without the normal directories

When you do a search for most business types you will find a little list or directory of a few key websites to chose from but this sector is fiercely competitive and any so called directories do not get anywhere near the front page of Google or indeed many of the top hit pages. This should not distract you or give you cause for concern though as the first page of results will give you a good spread from Nationals to big independents and clicking on any of the first page or the next few down will give you a real mix of great quality online gambling websites to choose from.

Once you find the free bets offer you want it’s easy to get it

You have had a good look around for the free bets offers you may like to get and picked the websites that you like and that offer you what you are looking for in terms of content and now its time to take the plunge and take up the offer you have picked.
There are two main types of offer the free bet no deposit offer and the deposit based offers. With both the principal is the same you fill in some basic details to sign up for a new account and once you have done this you free bets are added to the new account and you can start to bet risk free.
The only difference between the two offers is with the deposit based free bets offers you will need to load the account with some cash to get the free bets added to your account. Often these types of deals are more generous than the free bet no deposit type but obviously you need to add funds to the account so its all about choice and what suits you at the time, whichever you choose good luck and we hope this has helped in your search for free bets.